Clinics and Services

In addition to GP and nurse appointments we offer a number of special clinics and services. For an appointment please visit the Consulting Room.

  • Antenatal Clinic: Run by a midwife at the surgery. If you are pregnant, please visit New Maternity Booking to register with the midwife.
  • Baby Clinic: All new babies are invited in for immunisations and check-ups from eight weeks old.
  • Chronic Disease Management: All patients with a long- term chronic condition will be invited for health reviews in their birthday month
  • Cervical Screening: Women aged between 24 and 65 will receive an invitation for screening in line with the national screening programme.
  • Stop Smoking Advice: Available by appointment with the healthcare assistant. If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a smoking review, you can use our online form.
  • Family Planning: Our female doctors and nurses offer a full and confidential service, Reception will advise who you need to see.
  • Minor Surgery Clinics: We have a monthly minor ops clinic.
  • NHS Healthchecks: Everyone between the ages of 40-74 is entitled to an NHS healthcheck, which includes healthy lifestyle advice and a blood test which aids early detection of some health problems.
  • Teenage Health: Please view our Teenage Health page.
  • Dementia: Please view our About Dementia page.
  • Carers: Please view our Support for Carers page.