Covid Vaccination Invitations

We understand that the Covid 19 vaccination programme invitation system is causing some confusion, and thought it may be helpful to clarify how this is working.

There are currently two different invitations being sent to eligible patients  if you have not yet been vaccinated you will receive both invitations. There may be a gap of up to two weeks between the two invitations.

You will receive an invitation on behalf of your surgery from our central booking team for vaccination at our local vaccination centre. This is at the Cheltenham East Fire Station, next to Sandford Lido. This site is staffed by local NHS GP surgeries. 

The separate national invitation system invites patients to book at a Mass Vaccination site or some pharmacy locations. Cheltenham does not have a Mass Vaccination Site. The closest sites are Worcester, Malvern and Bristol. You have the option to travel to these sites and have your vaccination if you wish. 

We are currently inviting patients over 60 to book for their vaccination. We are also vaccinating patients in earlier groups who have not yet responded to their invitation. 

Based on our current vaccine supply we are expecting to have invited everyone aged 50+ by the first week in April.